Wholesale clothing vendor for boutiques

When opening a new boutique, one of your first investment choices is whether to buy clothing from a wholesaler or retailer. Wholesale clothing vendors can be a great choice for any new boutique, but if you have questions about which wholesale clothing vendors might work best for your boutique, here are 3 questions to ask them”

  • 1. How many years of experience does he have?

  1. 2. Can he provide detailed information (pictures, packing list etc.) about the goods he is offering?

  2. 3. Can he record at least one video of the goods YOU have chosen or best of all would it be possible to see the goods personally (if political situation allows it of course)?

Mix of Women's, Men's and Kid's Stock Clothing

Wholesale suppliers are increasingly expanding the range of products they offer to include clothing. In this section we take a look on the variety of types of Stock Clothing such womens, mens, and kids.

Such clothing mixes are typical in the stock clothing business. Some manufacturers offer to buy women's, men's and children's clothing separately and some oblige us to take all or nothing. In this case, we also sell a whole range of women's, men's and children's clothing in one lot.

Such lots suit the outlet boutiques quite well, where they offer whole assortments for the whole family. Thus, the end customers have the benefit of being able to shop with the whole family in just one boutique and do not need to look any further. This saves our most important resource - time.

Mix of Women's and Men's Stock Clothing

An estimated 90 percent of all men's and women's clothing seems to be sold through retail stores. But the fair market value of such clothing, once considered a resale item, is in a lengthy decline. Boutiques and regional custom clothiers are the alternative while significant loopholes in the textile industry allow certain retailers to exploit the country through unscrupulous means, further contributing to the trend of clothing stores setting their prices outside the value chain.

A retailer must resort to wholesale to attract a new customer base and grow revenue from the launch of their new outlet boutique.

As in the section before, there are manufacturers who only produce women's and men's clothing and simply get rid of entire overproductions. In this case, large wholesale companies help to buy all stocklots from the manufacturer. In this way, the manufacturers, the outlet retailers and the end customers all profit at the same time. Manufacturers get free storage capacities, retailers get up to 90% cheaper goods and the end customers get the opportunity to buy the same branded goods up to 50-70% cheaper than the current collection without having to sacrifice quality.

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